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A loan is a financial arrangement in which one party (the lender) provides money to another party (the borrower) with the expectation that the borrower will repay the money over time, usually with interest.

Types of loans

  • Personal Loans
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Business Loans

Taking a loan is an important decision in times of need and there can be many reasons for taking a quick loan, such as for personal expenses, starting a business, building a house, buying a car, bike or equipment, pursuing higher education, etc. Need quick loans for housing, bill payment, medical treatment or in case of emergency.

In India, there are several reputable loan apps that cater to the financial needs of individuals. Here are some popular loan apps in India:

Instant Approval loan App List

No App Name Image
1 MoneyTap Loan App MoneyTap
2 Dhani App Dhani - Online Shopping App
3 Instant Approval App Instant Approval Personal Loan
4 KreditBee App KreditBee - Quick Personal Loan
5 NIRA App NIRA Instant Personal Loan App
6 CASHe App CASHe Personal Loan App
7 Money View App Money View - Personal Loan App
8 Fibe Loan App Fibe Instant Personal Loan App
9 SmartCoin SmartCoin - Personal Loan App
10 Home Credit Home Credit - Loan App
11 LazyPay LazyPay - Loan App & Pay Later
12 mPokket mPokket - Instant Loan App
13 FlexSalary App FlexSalary Instant Loan App
14 Bajaj Finserv App Bajaj Finserv - UPI, Pay, Loans
15 PayMe App PayMe Online Personal Loan App
16 LoanTap App LoanTap - Instant Personal Loan
17 PaySense App PaySense - Personal Loan App
18 RupeeRedee App RupeeRedee - Personal Loan App
19 Stashfin App Stashfin - Personal Loan App
20 ZestMoney App ZestMoney - Shop on easy EMIs
21 Navi Loans app Navi Mutual Funds, Gold, Loans app

Note: It is essential to carefully review the terms and conditions, interest rates, charges and customer reviews before selecting a loan app. Additionally, consider your financial situation and borrowing needs and choose the app that best suits your needs. Always ensure that you fully understand the loan terms before proceeding with any application.

MoneyTap - Credit Line & Loan App

MoneyTap – Credit Line & Loan App

MoneyTap is a credit line and instant personal loan app in India. Get instant approval for a credit line up to ₹5,00,000 and pay interest only on the amount you withdraw from your balance.


  • Salaried employees only
  • Minimum salary = ₹30,000 per month


  • Aadhaar number
  • Identity proof (Driving licence/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhaar/PAN)
  • Address proof (Driving licence/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhaar/Utility bills/bank statements)
  • Passport-sized photo/Selfie
  • You can get a personal loan online on your Aadhaar card.

Dhani: Online Shopping App

Dhani Online Shopping App

Shop online for genuine, high-quality products across Men, Women & Kids Wear, Medicines, Electronics, Personal care, Mom & Baby Care, Stationery items, Jewellery, Home & Kitchen Products at Lowest Prices only on the Dhani App.

Instant Approval Personal Loan APP

IndiaLends offers instant personal loans to its customers, with most of the products being completely digital. IndiaLends also provides technology, data and credit analytics solutions to financial institutions along with a loan management platform. link


  • Age – 18 years – 60 years
  • Employment Type – Salaried/Self-Employed
  • Minimum Net Income (monthly) – ₹10,000
  • Work Experience – Salaried for at least 6/12 months or Self-Employed for at least 3 years
  • Tenure: (Min) 6 to (Max) 60 months

KreditBee: Quick Personal Loan

KreditBee is an online instant personal loan platform trusted by over50 million Indians. Get a quick personal loan at attractive interest rates and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Apply for a quick online loan and get the amount directly in your bank account in 10 minutes.

Types of Loans

  • Flexi Personal Loan
  • Personal Loan for Salaried
  • Personal Loan for Self-Employed
  • Purchase on EMI


  • Indian national
  • Over the age of 21
  • Steady monthly income

NIRA Instant Personal Loan App

NIRA partners with various RBI regulated NBFCs/Banks to facilitate loans for salaried people.


  • Min salary of Rs.12,000 per month
  • Age between 22-59 years

CASHe Personal Loan App

CASHe offers a smart, intuitive and hassle-free experience. Apply for a loan today and enjoy a better borrowing experience.


  • Personal loan for salaried professionals only
  • Minimum net take-home monthly salary: ₹12000
  • Above 21 years of age
  • Salary through direct bank transfer only


  • Selfie
  • PAN card
  • ID Proof (Any 1 – Driving License/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhaar Card)
  • Address proof (Any 1 – Driving License/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhaar Card/Utility Bills)
  • 3-month bank statements with salary credit
  • Aadhaar card (Optional)

Money View: Personal Loan App

The moneyview loans App to get instant personal loans starting from ₹10,000 up to ₹5,00,000 in just a few minutes.


  • Salaried & Self-Employed
  • Min CIBIL Score of 600
  • age limit for application is 21-57yrs
  • Income must be received in your Bank A/c
Fibe Instant Personal Loan App

Get Instant Personal Loan for all your needs. Check your eligibility within the app and get instant approval in no time.


  • Salaried Individuals
  • Above 21 years
  • Minimum take-home salary per month ₹15K


  • PAN
  • Aadhaar card
  • Salary Account bank statement

Bajaj Finserv: UPI, Pay, Loans

The Bajaj Finserv app is here to simplify your bill payments and manage all your financial needs/relations. You can also apply for Personal Loan, RBL Credit Card, EMI card, pay bills, mobile recharge, get Insurance online, book Fixed Deposit & shop for the latest electronics & home appliances with Bajaj Finserv App.

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