Xero Degrees Menu [ Updated Menu List 2023 ]

The brands ‘Zero Degree’ and ‘Zero Courtyard’ are exclusively owned by Zero Degree Cafe Pvt. Ltd. Zero Degree was founded in the year 2018 by Kashish Aneja and Shivam Kakkar. With multiple locations across India, Zero Degree is your new destination for mouth-watering and mind-blowing food.

The multiple locations across India, Xero Degrees is your new destination for mouth-watering and mind-blowing food. Xero’s crazily Indianized American food will leave you craving for more. Enjoy well-crafted piping hot recipes of spicy French fries, cheesy pizza slices, heavenly delicious drinks and whatnot, in a warm and pleasant ambience created by Xero’s stunning interiors and decor.

Baked Pasta

Alfredo baked veg pasta
Pink sauce baked pasta
Alfredo baked non-veg pasta


Butter chicken burger
Tandoori chicken burger
X-non veg burger
Chicken zinger burger
Peri peri chicken burger
X – veg burger
Peri peri zinger burger
Paneer zinger burger
Super veggie burger
Chicken Strips & wings
Hot & spicy chicken wings
Hot & spicy chicken strips

Classic shakes

Vanilla Classic shake
Strawberry Classic shake
Chocolate Classic shake
Butterscotch Classic shake
Blueberry Classic shake
Black Current Classic shake

Cold Coffee

Oreo Cold coffee
Hazelnut Cold coffee
Classic Cold coffee
Cinnamon Cold coffee
Chocolate Cold coffee
Caramel Cold coffee
Spicy Xero Cooler
Peach Ice Tea Cooler
Ocean B Cooler
Lemon Ice Tea Cooler
Fresh Lime Cooler
Elder Flower Cooler
Cucumber Cooler


Steam Dumplings
Pan Fried Dumplings
Devil Gravy Dumplings
Crispy Wonton Dumpling
Cheesy Dumplings

Freak shakes

Red Velvet Freak shake
Popcorn Freak shake
Nutella Oreo Freak shake
Choco Crunch Freak shake
Choco Brownie Freak shake
Alphonso Freak shake
Chicken popcorn fries
Chilly x chicken fries
Chicken tandoori fries
Chicken pizza fries
Butter chicken cheesy fries
Peri peri chicken cheesy fries
Chicken & cheese fries
Chilly x fries
Paneer popcorn makhni fries
Peri Peri cheesy fries
Mushroom fries
Tandoori fries
Pizza fries
Cheesy fries
Classic fries
Garlic Bread
Butter chicken garlic bread
Chicken & cheese garlic bread
Peri peri paneer garlic bread
Exotic garlic bread
Cheesy garlic bread
Hot coffee
Ristretto Hot coffee
Macchiato Hot coffee
Irish Hot coffee
Hot Chocolate Hot coffee
Flat White Hot coffee
Doppio Hot coffee
Espresso Hot coffee
Cap Flavour Hot coffee
Latte Hot coffee
Americano Hot coffee
Affogato Hot coffee
Baked chicken & cheese nachos
Mexican chicken nachos
Baked cheesy nachos
Mexican nachos
Pink Sauce Non-veg pasta
Spegetti Pink sauce veg
Spegetti Lousiana non-veg
Sugo rosa veg pasta
Sugo rosa non-veg pasta
Mama rosa ( red sauce) pasta
Lousiana (white sauce) pasta
Arrabiata (red sauce) pasta
Barbaresca (white sauce) pasta
Pizza in a jar
Non-veg Pizza in a jar
Veg Pizza in a jar
Premium coolers
Watermelon Mint Cooler
Raspberry Lemonade Cooler
Passion Fruit Cooler
Mango Mint Cooler
Let the Sun Cooler
Kiwi Cooler
Green Apple Cooler
Bubblegum Cooler
Blueberry Cooler
Premium shakes
Strawberry-cheese Cake Oreo shake
Nutella Choco-punch shake
Nutella Caramel shake
Nutella shake
Mango Cheese Cake shake
Kitkat shake
Bubblegum shake
Brownie Hazelnut shake
Blueberry Cheese Cake shake
Black Forest shake
Banoffee shake
Xero chicken sandwich
Juicy luicy sandwich
Chicken idea sandwich
Chicken tikka sandwich
Peri peri paneer sandwich
Upper crust sandwich
Cheese monger sandwich
Green goblin sandwich
Single serve pizza
Cheese Capsicum Pizza
Paneer Tikka Pizza
Cheese Onion Pizza
Butter chicken pizza
Peri peri chicken pizza
Chicken tikka pizza
Chicken & cheese pizza
Golden corn pizza
Friends slider
Money heist slider
Sacred games slider
Game of thrones slider
Big bang theory slider
Indiana jones slider
Special Pizza
Peri peri chicken pizza
Golden Corn Delight Pizza
Chicken Tikka Pizza
Chicken Cheese Pizza
Cheese Margherita Pizza
Butter Chicken Pizza
Pepperoni pepper pizza
Chicken dominator pizza
Makhni paneer pizza
Crispy peppy paneer pizza
Peri peri delight pizza
Cowboy medley pizza
Nutella Oreo waffle jar
Hot chocolate brownie waffle
Strawberry waffle
Mango malai waffle
Blueberry waffle
Banoffee waffle
Nutella waffle
Choco fudge waffle

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