Mahadev Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designing is a personal and creative process, especially when it comes to something as meaningful as a tattoo of Lord Shiva (Mahadev) in Hindu mythology. Here are some ideas for Mahadev Tattoo Designs.

Mahadev Tattoo 2023

Trishul and the Third Eye: One of the iconic symbols of Lord Shiva is the Trishul (Trident) and the third eye. A design that combines these elements can symbolize Shiva’s power, wisdom, and control over the three aspects of creation, preservation, and destruction.

Trishul and the Third Eye

Nataraja Mudra: Nataraja Mudra depicts Lord Shiva dancing amidst the flames. This dynamic and powerful image represents the cosmic dance of creation and destruction. The tattoo can capture the intricate details of Shiva’s dance and the symbolism behind it.

Om and Damru: Invoke the holy word “Om” with the Damru (drum) of Lord Shiva. The design may represent Shiva’s role as the essence of the universe as well as the creator of sound and rhythm.

Om and Damru Tattoo

Damru Tattoo Image

Rudraksha Mala: If you prefer a more subtle design, you can consider a Rudraksha Mala tattoo. These beads are associated with Shiva and are often used in his worship.

Mahadev Name with Rudraksmala Tattoo

Mount Kailash: A tattoo of Mount Kailash, which is believed to be the abode of Shiva, can represent his divine presence and his connection to the natural world.

Mahadev Tattoo

mahakal tattoo

Mahadev Trishul Tattoo

Tattoo On Hand

mahadev tattoo hand

mahadev tattoo hand simple

Shiva Tattoo 2023

Shiva With Damru tattoo

Shivaling Tattoo

Mahadev Shivaling Tattoo on Hand

Mahakal Tattoo 2023

Mahakal Name Tattoo

adiyogi tattoo designs

Adiyogi Tattoo Designs

Ardhanarishvara: This design depicts Lord Shiva as half male and half female, representing the union of opposites and the balance of masculine and feminine energies. It symbolizes the underlying unity in diversity.

Minimal Image: For a more minimal approach, consider a simple image of Lord Shiva in a meditative posture. This can reveal the essence of his calm and meditative nature.

Mandala with symbols of Shiva: A Mandala design incorporating various symbols associated with Lord Shiva, such as the Trishul, third eye, snake and Damru, can make for an attractive and spiritually meaningful tattoo.