la pino z pizza menu in India

La Pino’z Pizza was established in 2011 in Chandigarh, India.

La Pino’z Pizza offers a wide range of pizzas, including signature, classic, and gourmet flavors. Their menu features a fusion of Indian and international flavors, catering to different taste preferences.

The La Pino z Pizza is a popular pizza chain in India known for its delicious and unique pizza flavors. While I don’t have access to their specific menu, here are some of the commonly offered pizzas and other items you may find at

La Pino z Pizza Menu List

Traditional veg Menu

Margherita pizza
Onion twist
My mac
Sweet corns delight
Makhni do pyaza
Simply Veg
Double cheese Margherita pizza
Lovers bite pizza
Garden delight pizza
Onion blossoms pizza
Exotic Veg
Ala Mexican pizza
Pesto & basil special pizza
Paneer tikka butter masala pizza
Burn to hell pizza
Tandoori paneer pizza
Korma paneer special pizza
Cheezy-7 pizza
Authentic veg pizza

 Specialty Veg Pizza menu

Tandoori Special pizza
Indian style pizza
Peri peri veg pizza
English retreat pizza
Hot passion pizza
Pesto & basil veg pizza
Cheese lovers pizza
Cheesy macaroni veg pizza
Garlic-to- pizza pizza
Lapino’z paneer pizza
Las vegas treat pizza
Korma special pizza
Maxican salsa pizza
Veg tamer pizza
Premium veg
Spring fling pizza
Sweet heat pizza
Garden special pizza
Veg hawaiian pizza
Farm villa pizza
Penner special pizza
Classic Pizzas for classic Maniacs
Tomatoes Pizza
Onions Pizza
Sweet corns Pizza
Capsicum Pizza
Onions and capsicum Pizza
Capsicum and paneer Pizza
Onions and paneer Pizza
Jalapenos and olives Pizza
Capsicum, paneer and red paprika Pizza
Jalapenos, sweet corns and paneer Pizza

Garlic Breads Menu

Plain garlic bread
Cheesy garlic bread
Supreme garlic bread
Paneer tikka garlic bread
 Garlic sticks
Garlic bread sticks
Sweet corn stuffed garlic bread
Paneer tikka stuffed garlic bread
Maxicana pasta veg
Americano white sauce pasta veg
Indiana pasta veg
Italiano pasta veg


Paneer tikka butter masala and red paprika taco’s
Mushrooms, corns and onion taco’s
Paneer and corns taco’s

Macaroni & cheese

Macaroni & cheese veg
Smoke chilli macaroni veg


Paneer, sweet corn & cheese quesadillas
Mushroom, olives and cheese quesadillas


Veg lasagna – pesto
Veg lasagna – creamy white
Veg lasagna – rose red
Veg spaghetti – pesto
Veg spaghetti – creamy white
Veg spaghetti – rosy red

La Pino’z Pizza provides options for customization, allowing customers to personalize their pizzas according to their preferences. This includes choosing crust types, toppings, and sizes.

The La Pino’z Pizza offers both delivery and dine-in services. Customers can place their orders online or visit their outlets to enjoy their pizzas in a comfortable dining environment.

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please note that specific information about La Pino’z Pizza, including their menu and locations, may be subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date details, I recommend visiting the official La Pino z Pizza website or contacting their customer service.