Big Chill Menu List With Price

The Big Chill is an owner driven, vibrant, young feel restaurant with the soul of a neighborhood café; a place where guests can share a slice of happiness with friends and family and build countless memories.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a happy, homely environment for guests, serving outrageously delicious home-style food in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A varied and extensive menu coupled with consistently high quality of food ensures an overall superb dining experience and a loyal clientèle.

Soups Menu List


Tomato and Basil Soup Rs. 355
Minestrone Soup Rs. 355
Wild Mushroom Soup Rs. 355


Minestrone with Chicken Rs. 375
Chicken & Mushroom Soup Rs. 375

Starters Menu List


Lebanese Mezze Platter Rs. 575
Antipasti Platter Rs. 575
Brotchen Pizza Rolls Rs. 525


Cold Cut Platter Rs 575
Antipasti Platter-Non Veg Rs 600
Brotchen Pizza Rolls Rs. 560

Salads Menu list


Greek Salad Rs. 365
Rocket & Parmesan Salad Rs. 375
Pear and Blue Cheese Salad Rs. 390
Caesar Salad Rs. 390
Fattoush Rs. 365
Fattoush Beiruty Rs. 390
Chickpea & Mediterranean Vegetable Salad Rs. 390
Mediterranean Roast Baby Potato Salad Rs. 390
Pasta Pesto Salad Rs. 360
Festive Fruity Salad Rs. 390

Non- Veggie

Grilled Chicken Salad Rs. 460
Salad Nicoise Rs. 415
Chicken/Bacon Caesar Salad Rs. 430

Smoked Chicken Salad with Sundried
Tomatoes and Parmesan Rs. 430
Prawn, Zucchini & Mashroom Salad with Pesto Rs. 450
Egg & Tuna Salad Rs. 415
Festive Chicken Cranberry Salad Rs. 450

Bruschetta, Panini And Grilled Open Sandwiches


Bruschetta with Tomato Rs. 330
Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Panini Rs. 355
Cheese and Tomato Panini Rs. 325
Garlic Bread Rs. 230
Garlic Bread with Cheese Rs. 270
Cheese and Mushroom Panini Rs. 350


Hot Dog Rs. 300
Grilled Chicken Salami & Cheddar Panini Rs. 400
Tuna Melt Rs. 400
Chicken Melt Rs. 400
Grilled Chicken Panini Rs. 410
Pepperoni/Bacon and Cheese Panini Rs. 410



Risotto with Sundried Tomatoes Rs. 610
Porcini Mushroom Risotto Rs. 610


Chicken Risotto Rs. 675
Chicken & Porcini Mushroom Risotto Rs. 675
Saffron Risotto with Prawns Rs. 675


Sautéed garlic mushrooms topped with melted cheddar cheese Rs. 360
Tuna fish and Mayonnaise topped with melted cheddar cheese Rs. 395
Chicken and Mayonnaise topped with melted cheddar cheese Rs. 395
Sour cream and chives Rs. 330
Cheddar cheese Rs. 330
Ham and cheese Rs. 395
Bacon and Blue Cheese Rs. 420

Pasta & Ravioli


Spaghetti Napoletana Rs. 500
Fusilli with Mushrooms & White Sauce Rs. 525
Penne Mushrooms in Tomato-Cream Sauce Rs. 525
Fettuccini/Penne Primavera Rs. 540
Fettuccini/Penne Quattro Formmagi Rs. 540
Penne Arabbiatta Rs. 525
Penne with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese Rs. 570
Penne with vodka Rs. 540
Spaghetti Puttanesca Rs. 540
Fusilli with Sundried Tomatoes and Basil Rs. 540
Penne Pomodoro Rs. 540
Aglio Olio e Peperoncino Rs. 525
Fusilli Genovese Rs. 535
Penne with Mushrooms and Sundried Rs. 540
Penne Scilliana Rs. 575
Fusilli con Verdura Mista Rs. 575


Fusilli with Chicken Meatballs Rs 600
Spaghetti Bolognese Rs 600
Penne Chorizo with Mustard-Cream sauce Rs 600
Prawn Puttanesca Rs 620
Penne with Chicken and Blue Cheese Rs 645
Fusilli Chicken Piri Piri Rs 610
Fusilli with Chicken, Mushrooms and White Sauce Rs 600
Penne with Bacon Rs 620
Spaghetti Carbonara Rs 620
Fusilli with Pepperoni and Ricotta Rs 620
Prawns with vodka in tomato cream sauce Rs 620
Fusilli with chicken, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes Rs 620
Angry Chicken Pasta Rs 620
Chicken Pesto Pasta with Mashroom and Sundried Tomatoes Rs. 625
Penne con Pollo Affumicato Rs. 650
Penne Con Salsiccia Rs. 650


VEGGIE (Contains egg)
Ravioli Napoletana Rs 575
Ravioli with Cream and Parmesan Rs 575
Ravioli with Butter and Sage Rs 575
Ravioli Genovese Rs. 590

Ravioli al Fungi

Tomato Cream Sauce Rs. 575
Creamy Parmesan Sauce Rs. 575
Pasta stuffed with chicken and cheese tossed with your choice of sauce: Rs 625

Napoletana Sauce

Creamy Parmesan Sauce
Butter and Sage Sauce
Ravioli Genovese (Chicken) Rs. 650
Chicken Ravioli in a Porcini Mushroom and Parmasen Cream Sauce Rs. 650

Smoked Chicken Ravioli

Tomato Cream Sauce Rs. 645
Creamy Parmasen Sauce Rs. 645



Baked Penne Primavera Rs 645
Canelloni with Red Pesto & Ricotta Rs 660
Baked Penne with Mozzarella Rs 660
Baked Penne with Broccoli and Mozzarella Rs 670
Baked Penne with Mushroom and Gouda Rs 660
Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne Rs 660
Baked Crepes Stuffed Rs. 635
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Rs. 675
Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne Rs. 675
Cannalloni with Broccoli Rs. 670

Non Veggie

Chicken Lasagne Rs 680
Chicken and Mushroom Lasagne Rs 680
Baked Penne with Chicken and Mozzarella Rs 680
Lasagne Bolognese Rs 680
Baked Penne with Pepperoni & Gouda Rs 680
Baked Penne with Chicken & Broccoli Rs 695
Bake Crapes Stuffed Rs. 660
Smoked Chicken Lasagne Rs. 680

Pizzas, Brotchen & Calzone


Brotchen Pizza Rolls Rs. 525
All Cheese Rs 460
Margherita Rs 500
Al Fungi (Mushroom) Rs 555
Quattro Formmagi Rs 575
Piri Piri Rs 565
Veggie Pizza Rs 530
Pizza Bleu Rs 600
Four Seasons Pizza Rs 590
Roasted Corn & Paprika Pizza Rs. 590
Pizza al Greka Rs. 590
Tomatina Rs. 590
Mushroom & Smoked Cheese Pizza Rs. 590
Calzone Rs. 585

Special Thin Crust Pizza

Pizza Sicilliana Rs 590


Brotchen Pizza Rolls Rs. 560
Chickonara Rs 640
Pepperoni and Garlic Salami Rs 640
Spicy Pepperoni Pizza Rs 665
Four Fourths Pizza Rs 665
Ham and Black Olive Pizza Rs 640
Prawn & Mushroom Pizza Rs 665
Pizza Arabbiatta Rs 640
Meat Lovers’ Pizza Rs. 670
Pizza Milano Rs. 660
Bar-be-que Chicken Pizza Rs. 660
Chicken Calzone Rs. 640

Special thin crust pizza
Roast Chicken Pizza Rs 640

Extra toppings or Add ons

Black Olives Rs 95
Sundried Tomato Rs 95
Chicken Rs 120
Bacon Rs 120
Green peppers Rs 70
Jalapenos Rs 70
Mushrooms Rs 70
Capers Rs 95
Extra Cheese Rs 85
Pepperoni/Salami Rs 120
Smoked Chicken Rs 145
Prawns Rs 145
Pasta Sauce Rs 95
Broccoli Rs 95
Sour Cream Rs 70
Hummous Rs 120
Tartare Sauce Rs 70
French Fries Rs 210
Jacket Potato Rs 145
Side Salad Rs 145

Grills & Main Dishes

Grilled Breast of Chicken Rs 610
Chicken Florentine Rs 715
Sicilian Chicken Rs 715
Chicken in a Red Wine Sauce Rs 700
Chicken in a White Wine Sauce Rs 700
Potugese Piri Piri Chicken Rs. 720
Mustard & Herb Chicken Rs. 720
Chicken Pepper Steak Rs. 725
Chicken Stuffed with Mushrooms in a Sage and Mascarpone sauce Rs 725
Baked chicken Parmagiana Rs. 725
Chicken Voronoff Rs. 725
Chicken in a Creamy Mushroom & Sage Sauce Rs. 725
Chicken in Green Peppercorn Sauce Rs. 725

Grills & Main Dishes

Chicken in Porcini Mashroom Sauce Rs. 820
Roasted Garlic & Brandy Chicken Rs. 820
Tuscan Chicken Rs. 815
Chicken in a Sundried Tomato Sauce Rs. 815
Chicken in a Mustard Cream Cause Rs. 815
Chicken with roasted Garlic in a Parsley white wine sauce Rs. 825
Chicken Fricasse Rs. 770


Baked Crepes in a Porcini Mushroom Sauce Rs. 790
Baked Aubergine Parmagiana Rs 640
Baked Spinach and Mushroom Crepes Rs. 695

Grills & Main Dishes Meat

BBQ Sauce Rs 800
Mustard & Herb Sauce Rs 800
Blue Cheese Sauce Rs 800
Mustard & White Wine sauce Rs 800
Lamb Chops Chimichurri Rs. 850
Steak Voronoff Rs. 820
Tenderloin Steak Rs. 850

Fish And Sea Food

Grilled Lemon & Garlic Prawns Rs. 840
Portugese Piri Piri Prawns Rs 840
Prawn in a Brandy & Cream Sauce Rs. 820

Grilled fillet of sole served with sauce of your choice:

Mustard, Cream & White Wine Sauce Rs 775
Fish with Mustard & Herb sauce Rs 775
Tarragon Sauce Rs 775
Florentine Sauce Rs 775
Portugese Piri Piri Sauce Rs 775
Fish in Red Wine Sauce Rs 775
Grilled FIsh with Hollandaise Sauce Rs. 770
Chermoula Fish Rs. 790


Banoffee Pie Rs 295
Chocolate Mousse Rs 235
Blueberry Cheesecake Rs 325
Chocolate Truffle Cake Rs 325
Apple Crumble Rs 295
Chocolate Superfudge Brownies Rs 180
Walnut Brownies Rs 210
Banana Caramel Cake Rs. 355
Squidgy Chocolate Mousse Cake Rs 325
Chocolate Mud Cake Rs 345
Baked Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Rs 345
Devil’s Food Cake Rs 345
Molten Chocolate Baby Cake Rs. 415


Classic Waffle Rs 295
Waffle and Ice-cream Rs 475
Waffle with bananas/strawberries & Ice-cream Rs 495
Mississippi Mud Pie Rs 445
Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake Rs 345
Oreo Mousse Cheesecake Rs 345
Double Chocolate Decadence Rs 355
Irish Cream Tiramisu Rs 355
Chocolate Tiramisu Cake Rs 345
Baked New York Cheesecake Rs 345
Mixed Berry Trifle Rs 355
Red Velvet Cheesecake Rs. 365
Dark Chocolate Obsession Rs. 337
20th Anniversary Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Rs. 360
Silken Chocolate Cake Rs. 337


French Vanilla
Vanilla Oreo
Choco Vanilla Cookie Fudge
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Belgian Chocolate
Chocolate Oreo
Chocolate Toblerone

Chocolate Superfudge
Malted Chocolate


Colombian Mocha
Chocolate Hazelnut
Banana Walnut Choc Chip
Midnite Mint
Mint Oreo
Passion Fruit
Fresh Strawberry (Seasonal)
Fresh Plum (Seasonal)
Fresh Mango (Seasonal)
Coffee Oreo
Chocolate Peanut Crunch
Swiss Chocolate
Coffee Toffee
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Choc & Bailey’s Irish Cream
Wildberry Cheesecake
Banana Walnut Choc Chip


Chocolate Noir
Lemon & Blueberry Swirl

Frozen Yogurts

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
Lemon Frozen Yogurt
Mango Frozen Yogurt (seasonal)
Banana-Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
Peach Frozen Yogurt (seasonal)
Banana Blueberry Frozen Yogurt
Mixed Berry Frozen Yogurt


Hot Fudge Sundae Rs 375
Banana Split Rs 410
Brownie & Ice-cream Sundae Rs 360
Strawberry/Mango Pavlova (Seasonal) Rs 375
Minty Monsta Sundae Rs 375
Choco Banana Blast Rs 375
Double Oreo Delight Rs 375
Mocha Madness Rs 375
Nutty Chocolate Delight Rs 375
Mango Mania (Seasonal) Rs 375
Peachy Dream (Seasonal) Rs 375
Strawberry Surprise (Seasonal) Rs 375
Mega Monsta Sundae Rs 375
Dieter’s Dream Sundae Rs 375

From The Juice Bar

Orange Rs 240
Apple Rs 240
Pear Rs 240
Pineapple Rs 240
Pomegranate Rs 325
Watermelon Rs. 240
Orange and Sweet Lime Rs 240
Apple and Orange Rs 275
Apple and Pear Rs 275
Pineapple and Orange Rs 275
Pineapple and Pomegranate Rs 275
Apple, Orange and Pear Rs 275
Apple, Orange and Peach Rs 275
Pineapple, Apple and Orange Rs 275
Pomegranate, Orange and Apple Rs 275
Banana, Mango and Orange Rs 275
Pineapple, Mango and Orange Rs 275
Mango, Banana, Peach and Pineapple Rs 275
Apple, Peach, Orange and Pear Rs 275
Apple, Orange and Mango Rs 275
Apple LemonadeRs 240
Orange SparklerRs 240
Apple Orange SparklerRs 240
Apple, Orange & Pineapple Sparkler Rs 240
Pineapple FizzRs 240


Ginger Fizz Rs 180
Ginger Pitcher Rs 390
Fresh Lime Soda/Water Rs 180
Pepsi Rs 90
Diet Pepsi Rs 110
Iced Coffee Rs. 180

Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolate Rs 275
Malted Chocolate Rs 275
Café Latte Rs 155
Espresso Rs 130
Americano Rs 155
Cappuccino Rs 170
Vanilla Coffee Rs 190
Café Mocha Rs 190
Hazelnut Coffee Rs 190
Caramel Coffee Rs 190
Amaretto Coffee Rs 190
Irish Cream Coffee Rs 190

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